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about us

SODO News is a digital media company specializing in "hyper local" community news. We focus on what makes our communities united and vibrant.  We are your neighbors, co-workers, and friends.  At SODO News, we take great pride in supporting our local businesses, community schools, and charitable organizations. We publish fresh content daily via mobile, web, and social media.  Our distribution is done strategically through our subscribers and advertising partners. 

Our platforms are always full of smiling faces from the community-no negative reporting that diminishes the fabric that makes up our wonderful communities. We strive to capture the life, entertainment, and overall spirit of where we live. We use a business model that emphasizes  relationships, technology, and cutting edge marketing that bridges the gap between business owners and residents that results in a dynamic partnership.



Our Services



With the ever-changing landscape of the social media age, it can be hard for your brand to have a voice. When you partner with SODO News, We give your brand access to our social community's. We offer only the most effective solutions for your social engagement so that you can rest easy knowing that your brand is being represented with a social presence.


SODO NEWS circulates a QUARTERLY  Interactive digital magazines that is  designed to live in the digital world. Our Interactive magazines are designed for easy interaction between readers and the magazine, not just for one-way content delivery. When video, flash, and other “digital extras” are embedded into articles, we found that they extend readership by motivating readers to read more of them. 

 SODO News Online is designed to align your company and its corporate image with our community’s number one source for good news, smiling faces and event publication. SODO News Online associates your company with our high-traffic website, extends your reach, and maximizes the effectiveness of your SODO News campaign in a cost effective manner. SODO News Online will increase brand recall, strengthens your promotional strategies and drives traffic to your website.


Everything you need in an e-mail marketing service is included in our standard advertising packages.  We believe to have an effective relationship between a business and it's  consumers in a community, there has to be continuity in the message.  SODO NEWS provides a quick and simple solution for your email marketing needs, all within a trusted delivery infrastructure.